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Recently FDA approved nasal spray for acute migraine treatment is coming to market.

Exciting news for migraine sufferers! FDA has approved a new nasal spray for acute treatment of migraine. This nasal spray is Zavzpret (zavegepant), the first calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) receptor antagonist nasal spray for the acute treatment of migraine. This new and exciting drug provides an alternative option for patients that cannot tolerate oral medications and might be helpful for those with nausea/vomiting, or rapidly progressing migraine. In clinical studies it was shown to provide significant pain releif as early as 15 minutes after the dose. It was well tolerated in clincal trials and the most common reported side effects were taste change, nasal discomfort, and nausea. To learn more follow the link below.


Alexander Feoktistov MD, PhD Founder and Director of the Synergy Integrative Headache Center.

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