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Non-invasive Neuromodulation

Synergy Integrative Headache Center

Dr. Alexander Feoktistov

Comprehensive Headache Center located in Northfield, Chicago, Naperville, & Glenview, IL

For patients interested in non-pharmacological treatment approaches utilizing the best of what modern technology has to offer or simply looking to supplement their ongoing therapy with proven non-pharmacological modalities, we have something exciting to offer - noninvasive neuromodulation. FIVE revolutionary devices have been FDA-cleared to treat migraine, one of which is also approved to treat cluster headaches.



Let’s take a look at them more closely:

Relivion MG: a noninvasive neuromodulation device that concurrently stimulates two separate nerve pathways involved in migraine: trigeminal and occipital nerves, providing fast migraine relief. It is currently being FDA-cleared for acute migraine treatment. The stimulation should be initiated at migraine onset, and it will last for 40 minutes.  

Synergy Integrative Headache Center is one of the few clinical centers in the USA and the only clinic in the state of Illinois approved to prescribe Relivion MG for migraine treatment. 


Cefaly - an easy-to-use portable, noninvasive, external trigeminal nerve stimulation device that patients place on the forehead and sends electrical impulses through the skin, stimulating supraorbital and supratrochlear branches of the trigeminal nerve.  Depending on the stimulation type, Cefaly can provide acute pain relief (acute therapy) or work as a prophylactic therapy which may reduce migraine frequency. 


GammaCore: is an easy-to-use, portable, noninvasive vagus nerve stimulator that patients apply to the side of the neck to gently stimulate the vagus nerve, which communicates between the brain and many other parts of the body and plays an essential role in pain regulation.  Stimulation with GammaCore takes only a few minutes. It is indicated to provide fast relief of migraine and cluster headache symptoms and/or to provide prophylactic therapy for patients with migraine and cluster headaches.


Nerivio - is a novel portable, wireless remote electrical neuromodulation device that sends electrical stimulation through the skin of your arm activating pain pathways and modulating the pain regulation center located in the brainstem that, in turn, may help to control migraine attacks. Patients apply Nerivio to the upper arm at the onset of a migraine attack.  Stimulation is simply controlled via a smartphone app.


SAVI Dual: is a portable, noninvasive transcranial magnetic stimulation device that sends a single electromagnetic impulse through the back of the head, generating mild electrical current at the back of the brain that may interrupt brain processes associated with migraine. Patients apply SAVI Dual at the back of their head, and the treatment takes less than a minute. SAVI Dual is indicated for acute and prophylactic treatment of migraine headaches.