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Nerve Blocks

Synergy Integrative Headache Center

Dr. Alexander Feoktistov

Comprehensive Headache Center located in Northfield, Chicago, Naperville, & Glenview, IL

In certain situations, conventional medical management may not be adequate or sufficient. To fill this void we offer our patients a variety of interventional treatment options that may include trigger point injections (performed using either an ultrasound guidance or anatomical landmarks), occipital, supraorbital, supratrochlear, infraorbital, auriculotemporal, greater auricular nerve blocks all of which could be safely performed in our office. Most of these procedures take only a few minutes to perform, may provide rapid (within minutes) pain relief, and can be repeated if necessary.



To diagnose and treat neck pain that originates from degenerative (arthritic) changes in the cervical spine we perform cervical facet medial branch nerve blocks (diagnostic modality) that may be followed by radiofrequency ablation (therapeutic modality).  These procedures are typically performed under local anesthesia with or without mild sedation and require fluoroscopic imaging for guidance. These procedures are performed in the procedure or operating room in one of the outpatient surgical centers. Dr. Alexander Feoktistov received his pain management fellowship training at the Department of Pain Management at Cleveland Clinic and will be performing these procedures personally. We typically do not refer our patients to have these procedures done elsewhere (unless preferred by the patient due to their location etc.) as this “all in one” approach allows our patients to experience a true continuity and completeness of care.