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Other Headaches


We are truly an integrative and comprehensive headache center and provide care to virtually all types of headaches. The list of other headache conditions that we treat includes:

  • Chronic and episodic tension type headaches – the most common headache disorder frequently related to stress
  • Menstrual migraine – migraine that occurs a few days before, during or shortly after menstrual cycle
  • Hemiplegic migraine – a relatively rare form of migraine that presents with one-sided weakness or other stroke-like symptoms
  • Migraine with brainstem aura (“basilar migraine”) – another rare form of migraine that presents with vertigo/dizziness, numbness, etc.
  • “Vestibular migraine” – another form of migraine associated with dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Retinal migraine – migraine associated with temporary vision change or even blindness in one of the eyes
  • Abdominal migraine – type of migraine frequently seen in children (although can also be seen in adult patients)
  • Exercise-induced headaches – headache triggered by physical exertion (during physical exercise, sexual intercourse, cough, etc)
  • Chronic and episodic paroxysmal hemicrania – strictly one-sided headaches that affect predominantly females.
  • Hemicrania continua – continuous once sided headache
  • SUNCT syndrome – short-lasting headache attacks associated with tearing, nasal congestion
  • Hypnic headaches – a headache that occurs during sleep and wakes patients up
  • Primary stabbing headaches – short-lasting headache attacks that tend to occur randomly, multiple times per day

We have seen it all and would love to help you get your life back! We offer our in-person and telemedicine services to all patients in the greater Chicago area and throughout the state of Illinois as well as to patients from all 50 states and those who live abroad.


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