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What to Expect from Your Visit


What to expect from your visit

At the Synergy Integrative Headache Center we strongly believe in an individualized and comprehensive approach to headache management. During your first visit with us be prepared to spend at least 45-60 minutes of face-to-face time with Dr. Alexander Feoktistov or simply Dr. Alex. It would be ideal and very helpful to us if you would fill out some of the forms before your appointment, at the comfort of your home. That will not only help us gather important clinical information regarding your condition but will also make your visit with us occur in a timely and efficient manner. After listening to your story and asking you lots of questions we will perform a physical and neurological examination, review any medical records available, and will discuss your condition in detail and develop a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment plan. There is no universal treatment approach that would be suitable for all patients. At the Synergy Integrative Headache Center, we will put our best effort to create an individualized treatment plan that would fit your needs and will help to get you better.

And do not worry, we will have time to answer all of your (or your family’s, friend’s, coworker’s, etc.) questions!

We look forward to meeting you!

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